RJ45 Plug

The RJ45 plug is a common network connection interface, usually used to connect computers, network devices, or other devices. It is an 8P8C (8 position 8 contact) connector, that is, it has eight metal contact points, each contact point has a group of contact points, a total of eight groups. This connector can support a variety of different network protocols, such as Ethernet, Token Ring and FDDI. Its advantages are high ease of use, stable and reliable connection, and can support high-speed data transmission.

1. Brand:Velle electric (Fujian)Co., Ltd
2. Keywords: RJ45 plug
3. Design: Straight head
4. Material:PVC
4. Rated voltage: 250V AC/DC
5. Rated current: 4A
6. Type:UTP/FTP/STP Network
7. Cable:Cat5e/Cat6/Cat6e,24AWG,4 Pair twisted Wires

Product Details

RJ45 plug is used in many places in our usual life, it can be said that it is useful to the network, basically useful to the RJ45 connector, such as the computer, the Modem (English name Modem), and other places that use the network, network cable and so on. RJ45 plug is a kind of information socket (that is, communication outlet) connector in the wiring system, this RJ45 connector is composed of a plug (connector, crystal head) and socket (module), the plug has 8 grooves and 8 contacts. RJ stands for Registered Jack, which means “registered socket”. In the FCC, RJ describes the interface of the public telecommunications network, and the RJ45 of the computer network is the common name of the standard 8-bit modular interface. The RJ45 plug composed of these two components is connected between the wires to achieve electrical continuity of the wires.

RJ45 Plug We are also commonly known as RJ45 crystal head (RJ45 Modular Plug), used for data cable termination, to achieve the connection and change of equipment, distribution frame module. The RJ45 crystal head is required to have good conduction performance; The gold-plated thickness of the contact three-fork reed is 50μm, which meets the super 5 transmission standards and conforms to the line sequence of T568A and T568B; It has the functions of preventing loosening, plugging, self-locking, etc. RJ45 plug is the standard connector in the copper cable wiring, it and the socket (RJ45 module) together form a complete connector unit, the connector composed of these two components is mainly connected between the wire in order to achieve electrical continuity of the wire.

The RJ45 plug is divided into two types: unshielded and shielded. Shielded RJ45 plugs are covered by shielding cladding, and their physical appearance is no different from that of unshielded plugs. There is also an industrial shielded RJ45 plug specially designed for factory environments, used in conjunction with shielded modules. RJ45 plugs often use a non-slip plug sheath to protect the plug, anti-slip and easy to plug out, in addition, it has a variety of color options, can provide the same color as the embedded icon for proper connection.


RJ45 Plug

The commonly used RJ45 plug unshielded module is 2cm high, 2cm wide, 3cm thick, high pressure resistant, flame retardant, and can be attached to any M series modular panel, bracket or surface mounting box, and can be installed on the standard panel at 90° (vertical) or 45° Angle, and the special process design provides at least 750 repeated insertions. The module uses T568-A and T568-B cabling universal labels. This type of module is the most widely used module in the integrated wiring system, and its shape has remained quite consistent regardless of the three classes, five classes, or super five classes and six classes.

RJ45 plug in use is generally made of 8 gold needles made of single-port products, according to the multi-network interface outlet mode on the network, launched there are two, three, four, six and other connected network connectors and double-layer connector. According to the requirements of industrial customers, we can also provide RJ45 plug with excellent sealing and waterproof performance and ensure that the signal does not decay. TXGA RJ45 connectors are generally single-port products made of 8 gold needles in use. According to the multi-network interface outlet mode on the network,


the TXGA RJ45 connectors are introduced with two, three, four, six and other connected network connectors and double-layer jointed connectors. According to the requirements of industrial customers, we can also provide RJ45 plug with excellent sealing and waterproof performance and ensure that the signal does not decay. RJ45 Connector specifications on the TXGA website can find different types of drawings, such as single, double, four, eight, double and so on.

First, what is the interface of RJ45 plug

RJ45 plug interface is usually used for data transmission, the most common application is the network adapter interface. The RJ-45 port is our most common port, and it is our common twisted pair Ethernet port, because twisted pair is also mainly used as the transmission medium in fast Ethernet

RJ45 is a type of various connectors; RJ45 head according to the line sorting there are two different methods, one is orange and white, orange, green and white, blue, blue and white, green, brown and white, brown; The other is green white, green, orange white, blue, blue white, orange, brown white, brown; Therefore, there are two kinds of lines using RJ45 connectors: straight lines and cross lines.

2. RJ45 plug network adapter interface

10 100base tx RJ45 interface is a common Ethernet interface that supports 10 Mbit and 100 Mbit adaptive network connection speeds. There are two common RJ45 plug interfaces: DTE type for Ethernet network cards, router Ethernet interfaces, etc., and DCE type for switches. DTE can be called “data terminal equipment”, and DCE can be called “data communication equipment”. In a sense, DTE devices are called “active communication devices” and DCE devices are called “passive communication devices.” When two devices of the same type are connected by an RJ45 plug interface, they must be connected by a cross cable.


RJ45 Plug

3, RJ45 plug cable

RJ45 type network cable plug, also known as the crystal head, a total of eight core made, widely used in LAN and ADSL broadband Internet users of the network equipment between the network cable (called five types of line or twisted pair) connection.

4, the difference between RJ45 plug and RJ11 plug

Different standards, different sizes. Due to the different sizes of the two (RJ11 for 4 or 6 pins, RJ45 for 8-pin connection devices), it is obvious that the RJ45 plug cannot be inserted into the RJ11 jack. The reverse is physically possible (the RJ11 plug is smaller than the RJ45 plug), giving the false impression that the two should or can work together. Actually, it’s not. It is strongly recommended not to use the RJ11 plug on the RJ45 jack.

Because RJ11 is not internationally standardized, its dimensions, insertion force, insertion Angle, etc.,


are not uniformly in accordance with international standard connector design requirements, so interoperability cannot be ensured. They even cause the destruction of both. Since the RJ11 plug is smaller than the RJ45 plug, the plastic parts on either side of the plug will damage the metal pins of the inserted jack.

The RJ-45 port of the 10Base-T network is usually identified as “ETH” in the router, while the RJ-45 port of the 100Base-TX network is usually identified as “10/100bTX”, which is mainly because most of the fast Ethernet router products still use 10/100Mbps bandwidth adaptive. The left picture shows the RJ-45 port on a 10Base-T network, while the right picture shows the RJ-45 port on a 10/100Base-TX network. In fact, the two RJ-45 ports are exactly the same as far as the port itself is concerned, but the corresponding network circuit structure in the port is different, so it can not be randomly connected.

RJ45 plug is a connector widely used in the field of network communication, its main applications include the following aspects: Computer network connection: RJ45 plug is usually used to connect computers with network switches, routers, hubs and other network equipment, to achieve data transmission and sharing within the local area network. Telephone network connection: RJ45 plug can be used for the connection of digital phones and IP phones in the telephone network to achieve telephone communication and data transmission. Security monitoring connection: RJ45 plug have also been widely used in the field of security monitoring, and can be used to connect cameras, monitors and network video recorders and other equipment to achieve video surveillance and data transmission. Equipment room connection: RJ45 plug can also be used to connect servers, switches, routers, firewalls and other equipment in the equipment room to achieve equipment management and data transmission in the data center. Other areas: RJ45 plug can also be used for data transmission and device connection in home entertainment, medical equipment, industrial automation and other fields.